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  Concord Gum/Candy

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  Capsules - $.25 1.1"

  Capsules - $.25 2.0"

  Capsules - $.50 2.0"

  Capsules - $.75/$1.00 2.0"



  Equipment - Machines

  Equipment - Accessories

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Do I need a valid credit card to make a purchase on this site?
NO! We realize that some customers do not want to transmit their information via the internet, especially credit card numbers. When you place your order, ask that we call or e-mail you for additional billing information such as your credit card, or to set up an account with us. Please check out our privacy / security policy for additional details on the transmission and use of personal information.

Q. It looks like there is a limited inventory available. Where are all the other products?
A. We only list our best selling items in the categories. If you are looking for a particular item, try our "search" feature to assist you in locating anything you want. You can search on Manufacturer, Item Name, or take a broad search of the description as well. The search box is located on the top left side of each page on the site, and provides links to items within each category as well as other items not listed.

Q. How do I return an item?
Check out our return policy for details on how to return items. We have provided a return authorization form for your convenience as well.

Q. How much does shipping cost?
We use the most economical shipping method available to get your product there quickly and for the least cost we can. Please review our shipping policy for details.

Q. What size do the gumballs come in?
A. The size chart below shows how big the gumballs are, based on the number of gumballs in a case.

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